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Host FAQ

Welcome to the Outrnr Host FAQ page. Here you’ll find answers to common questions about hosting on our platform. If you need further assistance, please contact our support team.

General Questions

What is Outrnr?

Outrnr is a platform that connects outdoor enthusiasts with unique and sustainable accommodations in nature. Our mission is to make it easy for people to discover and book one-of-a-kind stays while promoting responsible outdoor recreation.

How do I become a host on Outrnr?

To become a host, click on the "Become a Host" button on our homepage and follow the instructions to create a listing. You'll need to provide details about your property, upload photos, and set your availability and pricing.

Listing Your Property

What types of properties can I list on Outrnr?

You can list a variety of outdoor accommodations, including cabins, treehouses, yurts, campsites, RV sites, and more. We welcome unique and eco-friendly properties that offer guests a memorable experience in nature.

How do I create a compelling listing?

  • Detailed Descriptions: Provide a thorough description of your property, including amenities, nearby attractions, and any unique features.
  • High-Quality Photos: Upload clear, high-resolution photos that showcase your property from different angles.
  • Accurate Information: Ensure all details, such as pricing, availability, and house rules, are accurate and up-to-date.

Can I edit my listing after it’s published?

Yes, you can edit your listing at any time. Simply log in to your account, go to your listing, and make the necessary changes. Remember to save your updates.

Managing Bookings

How do I manage my calendar?

Keep your calendar up-to-date to reflect your property’s availability. You can sync your Outrnr calendar with other platforms to avoid double bookings and easily block dates when your property is not available.

How do I set pricing for my listing?

Set competitive pricing by researching similar listings in your area. You can also adjust your rates based on seasonal demand, special events, and length of stay. Consider offering discounts for longer stays or early bookings.

How do I handle booking requests?

When you receive a booking request, review the guest’s profile and any messages they’ve sent. You can accept, decline, or ask for more information before making a decision. For instant bookings, ensure your calendar is always accurate.

Payments and Fees

How do I get paid?

All payments are processed through Stripe Connect. After a guest checks in, funds will be transferred to your bank account within a few business days. Ensure your payout information is up-to-date in your account settings.

Are there any fees for hosting on Outrnr?

Outrnr charges a service fee on each booking, which is deducted from your payout. The exact fee will be displayed during the listing creation process.

Guest Interaction

How should I communicate with guests?

Use the Outrnr messaging system to communicate with guests before, during, and after their stay. Be prompt, courteous, and clear in your responses to ensure a positive experience for both parties.

What should I do if a guest damages my property?

If you encounter any issues or damage during a guest’s stay, contact Outrnr support immediately. Document the damage with photos and provide a detailed description. We’ll assist you in resolving the issue.

Safety and Regulations

What safety measures should I implement?

Ensure your property meets safety standards, including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. Provide clear instructions for emergency procedures and local contacts.

Do I need any permits or licenses to host?

Check with your local government to determine if you need any permits or licenses to host guests. Compliance with local regulations is the responsibility of the host.

How do I ensure my property is clean and safe for guests?

Follow a thorough cleaning checklist between guest stays, focusing on high-touch areas. Regularly inspect your property for any safety hazards and address them promptly.

Policies and Support

What is the cancellation policy for hosts?

Hosts can set their own cancellation policies, which will be displayed in the listing. Be clear about your policies to avoid misunderstandings with guests.

How do I contact Outrnr support?

You can reach our support team at support@outrnr.com or call us at 480-978-4160. We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.