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Cancellation Policies

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes plans change. We've crafted our cancellation policy to balance flexibility for our guests with the operational needs of our hosts.

Standard Bookings

More than 14 days prior: Full refund, excluding a minor processing fee. 7-14 days prior: 50% refund. Within 7 days: Sorry, no refund available.

Special Events & Holidays

More than 30 days prior: Full refund, minus a minor processing fee. 15-30 days prior: 50% refund. Within 15 days: Regrettably, no refunds.

Modifying Your Reservation

Date Changes: Swap your dates at no additional charge, based on availability. Other Adjustments: Some modifications might come with a nominal fee.


Missed your booking without letting us know? Unfortunately, we can't offer a refund for no-shows.

Need to Cancel or Make Changes?

Reach out to us at support@outrnr.com or manage your reservation via your Outrnr account.

Special Considerations

Life happens, and sometimes it's beyond our control. If you're facing unique challenges like serious illnesses or family emergencies that affect your plans, get in touch. We're here to listen and assist.