About Outrnr

At Outrnr, we're on a mission to redefine the way people experience the great outdoors. Founded in 2022 by husband and wife duo, Indy and Kitty, Outrnr was born out of a shared passion for nature, adventure, and the belief that travel should be both comfortable and sustainable.

Our Story

As avid travelers and nature enthusiasts, Indy and Kitty had grown tired of the traditional camping experience - the discomfort, the lack of amenities, and the toll it took on the environment. They knew there had to be a better way to connect with nature without sacrificing comfort or sustainability. That's when they discovered glamping.

Inspired by their own transformative glamping experiences, Indy and Kitty set out to create a platform that would make it easy for others to discover and book unique, eco-friendly accommodations around the world. Thus, Outrnr was born.

Our Mission

At Outrnr, we curate the world's best glamping destinations and accommodations, with a focus on design, comfort, and sustainability. We believe that travel should be an immersive, enriching experience that connects people with local communities and the environment.

Our platform showcases a carefully selected collection of treehouses, yurts, safari tents, and other unique accommodations, each chosen for its distinctive character, commitment to sustainability, and connection to place. We work closely with our hosts to ensure that every listing meets our high standards for quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Our Content

In addition to our curated listings, we offer a wealth of inspiring and informative content to help our readers plan their dream glamping getaways. Our blog features destination guides, accommodation spotlights, and practical tips and resources for glamping travel.

We take a storytelling approach to our content, highlighting the people, inspirations, and processes behind each unique glamping experience. Through immersive photography, engaging videos, and descriptive writing, we aim to transport our readers to each destination and give them a taste of the magic that awaits them.

Our Community

At Outrnr, we're more than just a booking platform - we're a community of like-minded travelers, united by a love of nature, adventure, and sustainable living. We encourage our readers to share their own glamping experiences, photos, and recommendations, and we regularly feature user-generated content on our blog and social media channels.

We also partner with a select group of influencers, bloggers, and brands who share our values and mission, to bring the world of glamping travel to a wider audience.

Join Us

Whether you're a seasoned glamper or new to the world of outdoor travel, we invite you to join the Outrnr community and discover a new way to experience nature. Explore our curated listings, read our inspiring content, and share your own adventures with us. Together, we can redefine travel and build a more sustainable, connected world.